Parcours hors-piste

Parcours hors-piste

We are pleased to introduce Mylène Halley who participated in the start-up training session in spring of 2017. Her company, Parcours Hors-piste, specializes in the prevention of absenteeism (non-attendance) at work.

 Parcours Hors-piste will be able to:

·      identify the weaknesses of your organization and equip you to consolidate it;

·      accompany you in the retention of a happy and qualified staff, who identifies with your values ​​and your dreams;

·      identify the hidden potential of your business and update it;

·      plan a successful structure, to assist in achieving your dreams and exceed them;

They are neither coaches nor human resources, but rather ultra-specialized consultant who will help you set up the necessary structure in order to live the success that you deserve, according to your dream of departure, according to your philosophy and to make you a great company.

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