Boulangerie Merci la vie

From the Prévost region, the owners of Merci la vie received our help in order to obtain financing for their bakery located at 2988 Curé Labelle Boulevard.

Albert Elbilia, one of the best bakers north of Montreal, never thought of making bread bread before answering his daughter’s request???  It was a little less than 10 years ago.  His first experiment was catastrophic.  But the photographic designer learned so quickly and so well that he was the author of a best-seller bakery book (Boulange and boustifaille , Éditions de l’Homme, 2014), before opening its own shop.  The success is such that he already achieved the growth forecasts established for 2020…

His clients come to him to find cookies (so divine), nourishing soups and, above all, exceptional breads, from which he leaves the dough to ferment for up to 140 hours before baking, in order to obtain a more digestible product according to Albert.